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Child Teeter Totter

Child Teeter Totter

Enhance your backyard playtime with this hand crafted wooden teeter totter made with high-quality, durable wood to withstand the elements. This classic playground staple offers endless hours of entertainment for children of all ages.

Key Features:

Sturdy Construction: The teeter totter is built to withstand enthusiastic play. Made from premium wood, it guarantees long-lasting durability and stability, ensuring safe and enjoyable use.

Smooth and Safe Design: The teeter totter features a carefully crafted design with smooth edges and rounded corners, prioritizing the safety of your little ones during playtime. The wooden surface provides a comfortable and non-slip grip for added security.

Seating for Two: With dual seating, this teeter totter accommodates two children at once, encouraging cooperative play and social interaction. The sturdy handles on each side offer a secure grip for an exciting and balanced experience.

Easy Installation: Setting up this teeter totter is a breeze. It comes with all the necessary hardware and instructions, allowing for quick assembly. Once installed, it requires minimal maintenance, providing convenience for busy parents.

Timeless Appeal: The wooden construction of this teeter totter exudes a classic and natural aesthetic, blending seamlessly with any outdoor environment. Its timeless appeal ensures that it will remain a favorite playtime accessory for years to come.


Material: High-quality wood

Dimensions: Length: 8ft, Width: 3ft base, Height: 2ft base, 4ft at ends

Weight Capacity: Up to 275lbs

Suitable Age Range: 3-12 yrs

Assembly Required: Yes

Don't miss out on the opportunity to add this delightful Wooden Teeter Totter to your backyard. It's the perfect addition to promote active outdoor play and create lasting memories for your children. So, seize the moment and provide endless fun for your little ones today!

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